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The Angel Spa Hoi An
The Angel Spa as well The Angel Spa Hoi An
Welcome to The Angel Spa Hoi An.

The Angel Spa as well The Angel Spa Hoi An is located in the center of Hoi An ancient town, right at the famous night market of Hoi An. The Hoai River is peaceful and romantic, but the sparkle of sparkling lanterns is an ideal place for guests to enjoy the panoramic view of the old city at night – the famous tourist site of Vietnam with two world cultural heritages. Is recognized by UNESCO.

Features of The Angel Spa The uniqueness and design that allow our therapists to meet your every need directs you to a great experience, from the pressures of everyday life to bearing. Again the freshness, revitalize the energy balance in life.

The bright colors of the dawn of dawn or when the sunshine transforms itself into a “Old Town Gold” color, reaching out to the viewer, you will be captivated by the lyrical scene of an “ancient town”. Hoai River gracefully stretches itself in harmony with the Thu Bon River. Slowly glimpse of the boat sailing back into the memories of many people as a masterpiece of love.

The Angel Spa affirm the “gold quality” as the foundation for all services, with staff trained professional, courteous and caring manner, The Angel Spa will certainly bring Give back to you the moment of joyful relaxation completely, the interesting emotions from the spa products contain pure, natural ingredients.

Come to The Angel Spa Hoi An, invites you to experience one of our spa treatments. From total luxury therapies to the value of flawless beauty and relaxed balance in life, on every journey of the trip.