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Body Treatment

Body Scrub

Reveal your true complexion and soft, glowing skin with our variety of body scrubs that gently exfoliate dead skin cells away, leaving you with shining new skin.

– Salt , Milk , Honey

– Sesame , Milk, Honey

– Coffee , Milk , Orange

Number Name Time Price
Body Scrub 45’ 350.000 vnd ( free 15 minute steam)

Body Wrap

Body wraps are designed to improve the texture and appearance of the skin by helping to rid the body of excess fluids and toxins. The benefits of body wraps may include body contouring, detoxification, skin tightening and skin softening.

– Mineral mud wrap – for dry skin (mud, water, milk)

– Botanical wrap – for combination or sensitive skin (Milk, honey, pound rice, sesame)

– Cereal wrap – for oily skin (Cereal, Milk, honey )

– Rebalancing after sun – for sun burnt skin (Milk, honey, yogurt)

Number Name Time Price
Body wraps 45’ 350.000 vnd * Free 15 minutes head massage during Body Wrap treatment*