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Foot massage & Relaxing Moment

Relaxing Moment

With professional massage techniques will give you a moment to relax, help you reduce stress and strengthen the circulatory system, eliminate the shrinkage of the hand, foot or remove the fatigue pain on the head, neck, shoulder, back,…send in your mind a sense of euphoria and refreshing. Excellently after a long plane ride.

Choose the most suitable treatment for you:

Number Name Time Price
1 Back , neck & shoulders relaxing 30’ 180,000 vnd
2 Back , neck & shoulders relaxing with hot stone 45’ 280,000 vnd
3 Hand, head, neck & shoulders 45’ 250,000 vnd

Foot massage:

Number Name Time Price
1 Foot Rest 30’ 150,000 vnd
2 Foot Care by Hot stone 45’ 220,000 vnd
3 Foot Remedy by Hot stone 60’ 90′ 300,000 vnd 400,000 vnd